Roni is a passionate and dedicated teacher who believes in making the therapeutic benefits of yoga and mindfulness accessible to everyone. Her longstanding personal practice changed profoundly when her children developed an interest in yoga as preschoolers; practicing as a family transformed the household at a molecular level. Everyone slept better, felt calmer and less reactive, and became more receptive to new experiences and challenges.

Seeing and feeling those changes firsthand compelled her to pursue her teacher training in 2015, a 200-hour certification with Wendy Dahl of Blue Sun Yoga, and a 95-hour Children’s Yoga Specialty Certification and 50-hour Therapeutic Yoga for Children Advanced Certification, both with Mira Binzen of Global Family Yoga.

An educator and writer who holds a doctorate in Cultural Studies, Roni approaches the theory and practice of yoga with the same rigor that she devotes to all of her research and scholarship. Roni is grateful for the opportunity to work with yogis of all ages and abilities, offering ways to strengthen and find peace in the mind, body, and breath.